Friday, March 1, 2013

The Facehugger 1:1 scale

The latest creation this year, easily recognizable at first glance, based on the Alien franchise and HR Giger's creatures, this creation has about 500 bricks in 1:1 Scale, so it looks more realistic I've tried

Hope you like, thanks

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Final Flight of the Osiris - "Animatrix" 2003

Now with the latest creations, we appeared in 2012, the blog updated with the most important, I created another page where you can see some creations that although Sci-Fi, have nothing to do with movies

This creation is based on the short film "The Last Flight of the Osiris", although it looks perfectly the "Sentinel", not to scale, nobody knows what can enconrearte in the real world.

What is striking about this creation is that I found a system to put lights "Sentinel" and that his head is hollow, here's a link to the video.

Hope to be back soon with more news and ENJOY this trip

Mig 31 Firefox, From "Firefox" 1982

Creation Based on the movie when I remembered one small area of the Final, but by re-view adult worth.

A bigger building than you can see in the photos, Winged Snot and no where to save

Tron Legacy Inspired "Tron Legacy" 2010

These creations really strike a chord with me, because the original "TRON", one of my favorites and which also built the Blue Recognicer.

In Tron Legacy The thing was different because I had to see it several times to get the juice right now happened to my video library staff, no more I leave you with the Machines.

ooops now I see that I still have some stickers to apply

Bat Wing Tim Burton's version "Batman" 1989

Comenzamos con las películas de Super-Heroes, otra temática fuerte para desarrollar la creatividad o bien llevar a la realidad in modelo con nuestras piezas favoritas, las alas en Snot, se podrán ver mas adelante en otra creación, el fallo es que no dispone de tren de aterrizaje, pero no se puede tener todo. 

The War of the Worlds Tripod Version 2005 Steven Spielberg

Another celebrity cersión the Tripod, this time the 200 version 5 of Spielberg, this work is still necessary to resolve the unfinished end of the legs ...

The War of the Worlds Tripod Jeff Wayne's Musical Version 1977

In love with this version of the Tripod, I decided to build it as closely as possible, based on the Opera Rock of Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds, created in 2011 where she was seen in the same year live exposure MADbrick